Allan Strong.jpg

Allan Strong

Al has been a fixture of Theatre Wellesley since its inception twenty-five years ago! His stage roles have ranged from the sublime (Morrie in Tuesdays With Morrie) to the ridiculous (The Cockroach in Chateau La Roach). Most often Al sits in the director’s chair, bringing characters to life. The Willow Quartet cast is especially grateful to him for uncovering layers of depth for each actor.


Lori Hoelscher

From her earlier days with the Drayton Community Players Lori was excited to revive her love of theatre when she joined Theatre Wellesley in the fall of 2013. She has been involved in a number of plays with TW, for the most part onstage but also in the role of Director (Tuesdays with Morrie). Playing Kim has challenged Lori with a very emotional role as she journeys from a place of deep grief and learns to find healing in her "new normal."

John Settle.jpg

John Settle

John has been performing in amateur theatre since 1998. This is John's fourth time on stage with Theatre Wellesley. He previously appeared as Burt Evans in Cocktails with Mimi in 2015, David in Second Time Around in 2016 and Mitch Albom in Tuesdays with Morrie in 2017. John is thoroughly enjoying playing Ben in Willow Quartet because of the emotional depth of the script and the chance to be part of such a great cast and crew.

Mary Beth Jantzi.jpg

Mary Beth Jantzi

Mary Beth taught Drama and English at South Huron D.H.S. for 28 years. She appeared in Theatre Wellesley's production of Shootout at the OK Corral many years ago. Now retired, Mary Beth is thrilled to be back in this spring production. Marjorie's fierce love and willingness to jump in with both feet inspires and warms her heart. Mary Beth thanks her stage friends Al, Dave, Lori, and John for welcoming her into the fold.

Dave McNorgan.jpg

David McNorgan

Dave has been on stage with Theatre Wellesley in several shows since 2011. Most recently he appeared as Tony in the fall performance of In-laws and Outlaws. While preferring the stage, Dave has also taken on the roles of executive member, producer, director, set builder, and tech director for various shows. The opportunity to wear many hats is why he loves community theatre.