Meet the Cast of
"In-laws, Outlaws, and Other People
(That Should Be Shot)"

by Steven Franco

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Al Cook

This is Al’s seventh show with Theatre Wellesley, and second in the director’s chair. Previous TW credits include the sleep-deprived sheriff in Southern Comfort, the grouchy judge in Cocktails With Mimi, the oversexed Amos in The Trouble With Cats, and Shirtless Bob in Daddy’s Girl (a character who really needs no further description). Al has also played the villainous Vincent in Art Of Murder and appeared most recently as Bud in the heartwarming Old Love. Al’s favourite holiday memories are when his daughter excitedly climbs on his bed on Christmas morning with her stocking in hand, already full of the joy of the day.

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Rhonda Caldwell Producer

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Aidan Tessier

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Allan Strong
as Dad

Al has been involved with Theatre Wellesley since its inception over twenty years ago. He has done it all in that time - from directing, to acting, to lighting, to producing. Most recently Al directed the spring production "Old Love." Al's cherished Christmas memory is the excitement that he and his siblings had opening presents Christmas morning, The house always looked like a tornado hit it after the gift unwrapping frenzy had ended.

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Mary Crawford

as Beth

This is Mary's second production with Theatre Wellesley. Bringing her sarcastic smart aleck character Beth to life has been a great deal of fun! Her favorite holiday memory is the annual tradition of waiting at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning with her brothers while her Dad checked to see if Santa came. Even though she and her brothers are in their twenties now, they still uphold the ritual of sitting at the top of the stairs every year.

Tammy Smerchinski

as Mrs. Draper

Tammy is having a blast being back on the stage with Theatre Wellesley after directing most of these hilarious folks in last year’s Daddy’s Girl. Her favourite Christmas memory is from 2003 – Spending Christmas Day on a hike through a rainforest swamp in Equador. “We emerged to find a cold 3 litre bottle of Coca Cola waiting for us - Santa found us in the jungle!”

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Jamie Russell
as Bunny

Jamie has become a piece of the furniture with Theatre Wellesley, both as an actor and producer. She is excited to bring Bunny to life – she just needs more caffeine to keep up with Bunny’s high energy level. Every year Jamie and her sister sleep over at their parents on Christmas Eve. Very early on Christmas Morning their Dad wakes them by jumping on the bed and proclaiming loudly, “Santa Came! Santa Came! Get Up!”

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Kevin Wakem

as Bud

This is Kevin’s third show with Theatre Wellesley. Playing red neck Bud comes naturally, he says. Growing up, family Christmas on the farm was filled with food, laughter and wood jokes. His Dad and Uncles “wood” tell the same corny jokes every Christmas, yet somehow they were always funny.

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Ingrid Fast

as Tracy

This is Ingrid's first production with Theatre Wellesley and she's having a blast! She couldn't be more thrilled to be part of such a "great big happy family." Special shout out to her stage parents Kevin and Jamie who have made her feel truly TERRIFIC!

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Dorisa Martinello

as Aunt Rose

This is Dorisa’s first production with Theatre Wellesley but she has played on stage in the past: Dark of The Moon, Talking With, The Mind with the Dirty Man, and has produced school plays in French and English during her teaching career. Last Christmas in Cuba, Dorisa had a “harried holiday” when she dyed her hair with henna which got into her eyes and stung for days! Being Blue-haired Aunt Rose this year she hopes to not have the same results.

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Ted Shier

as Uncle Leo

Ted has been on stage forever and he is thrilled to be back once again with Theatre Wellesley. He has a life-altering memory from his childhood: a Christmas tree that was not balanced fell, ever so slowly it seemed, to become a pile of tinsel and shattered ornaments on the living room floor - his poor Mom!

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Dave McNorgan

as Tony

Dave has been involved with Theatre Wellesley since 2010 as an actor, director, producer, light and sound tech, and executive member. But mostly he loves performing on stage. A memorable Christmas was the time he and his brothers opened their hidden presents, and his mother threatened to cancel Christmas!

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Nathan Martin
as Vinny

After taking last year off to get married, Nathan is excited to return to the Theatre Wellesley stage. He always looks forward to Christmas breakfast of eggs Benedict with his family at his grandparent’s house. One Christmas, during a snowball fight with his cousins, he inadvertently broke a window. Nathan would like to take this opportunity to thank his parents for replacing the broken window.

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Sascha West

as Paula

Sascha is bounding back on stage after wrapping up Theatre Wellesley’s spring show, and this time she has a few things to say as Paula. Sascha’s yuletide memory is the Christmas Eve she convinced her little brother that he was adopted. When her dad joined in on the gag her brother became hysterically upset. He ran and told Mom who threatened to cancel Christmas! The joke still runs today and every so often her brother will sign Sascha’s birthday card with his “real” name.

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Olivia Stiles

as Emily

Olivia is making her theatrical debut as Emily. She fell in love with acting seven years ago while taking a youth drama class. Now, reading scripts and acting have become her new found love. One of Olivia’s favourite holiday traditions is telling stories by the fire with her family as they sip cocoa on Christmas Eve.

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Judy Johnson

as Mrs. Wakowski

Acting has become a creative out after having started as a bucket list item. Now in her sixth production, Judy is having a great time as part of the Theatre Wellesley team. Most of her Christmas memories are of travel. “So you lock up the house and never look back - unless your furnace goes bonkers and overheats everything in the house including the candles, Christmas chocolates and the pet hamster. Sad day.”

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Karen Reger

as Janet

Karen has been with Theatre Wellesley a long time and loves the fun and audience laughter. Every Christmas she takes great joy in playing Christmas carols and songs on the piano and baking (and eating) her mom’s special cookie recipes.

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Edward Her

as Officer Henley

Edward is making his stage debut with Theatre Wellesley, although his role as a candle in a grade one production of the Nutcrackers’ Ball should be added to his resume. Edward’s appreciation of the holiday season became more real after he got married. Now for Edward this special day is the memory of not having to face the world alone, of being loved and missed. Truly the gift of Christmas.

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